Five reasons why new year resolutions fail

Five reasons why new year resolutions fail

five reasons why? New Year resolutions are not new to you people.

Five reasons are because There are billions of people on the planet earth and each year billions from that billion people make some sort of resolutions for the particular new year.

Each time year comes it goes as if it has just started a few days back. And we just spend our entire December month thinking that this year passed too fast. we then, again and again, think about the things we planned to do that year.

But wait we are talking about the new year’s resolutions and you people might be those people who haven’t made any resolutions yet. Guys, don’t sit numb. try making new resolutions for the new year. Don’t worry that what if I didn’t make it through or have any such thoughts. just make it and go slowly just like me, a Googalguy!

So what I was trying to put here is, that we make kind of resolutions on the new year, and follow them for two days, three days, or for the week or more that week. but then? What happens that our new year resolutions can not sustain throughout the year?

Here are five reasons I found and would like to share with you so that we can work on those points to make out new year resolution fruitful. Let’s dive into…

five reasons to fail new year resolutions
five reasons to fail new year resolutions

1. Our Old Habits

So while deriving new resolutions for the new year, we have to consider our old habits.

Old habits may or may not be good or bad. They may or may not put you in a good position. Rather you have to review your old habits before making any resolutions.

Sometimes your old habits are that much more impactful so you have to have stuck with them. And doing so there will be no major loss in your day-to-day life or you can say it as a routine.

Good habits in one’s life have always the greatest impact on our life if we consider the long-term aspect in our minds.

But what if they are bad habits?

Then we should change it before it’s too late.

reasons to fail new year resolutions
reasons to fail new year resolutions


Man always aspires in his mind that he must have such kind of habits as successful personalities do have. Then he reads about their good habits, their day-to-day routine, what they read, etc.

But following or copying blindly someone isn’t always beneficial to anyone.

So before making the new year resolution our old habits should be taken into consideration. Imposing new habits i.e resolutions onto them would be a hectic process that will lead you to almost nothing.

People who conduct that for a few days get tired of it and eventually leave the resolution incomplete.

Remember to make a habit it will take at least 21 days but to break it, it happens in the next moment.

2. Discipline

Not only in terms of new year resolutions but in every sector or field of life there is a discipline that is must needed factor.

You can look at any successful personality, organization, or institution that maintains discipline has a tremendous effect on people and society.




Organizational discipline differs from self-discipline. A self-disciplined man will easily adapt the organizational discipline. But those who lack self-discipline struggle the discipline wherever they go.

Hence, once we make any kind of resolution, it should be carried out in a disciplinary manner.

Discipline is, you can say a quality, the thing which makes you stand where your friends or colleagues aspire to stand.

So be disciplined and apply it to complete your goals as well as the new year resolutions.

If not stuck with the discipline you will end up not completing your new year resolutions.

3. Failing To Break The Comfort Zone

The Comfort zone is one of the hardest things which anybody tries to leave or break.

Everybody has their comfort zone and within that, he or she can not let enter anybody easily.

Sometimes this comfort zone pulls them back. In the case of making new year resolutions suppose I have a kind of comfort zone and that is pulling me backward. In that situation, though I make any new resolution I don’t want to come across my comfort zone. I think, I then can not give my best to complete my resolution.


failing to break comfort zone
failing to break the comfort zone


Let’s not talk about the resolutions. In any situation in life when we have to do some extraordinary we first have to know our limits. If anyone does beyond his limits means he has broken his comfort zone.

Ordinary people think within their comfort zone, extraordinary think beyond that.

4. Lack Of Strong Motive

People do things because they have a motive behind them. They go for a job, They do exercise, and They earn money.

Doing all such things they have a strong motive behind it.

Nobody in the world would want to do things without a motive. If I have a motive to be fit and feel healthy I will wake up early and do workouts until I sweat. The motive behind my workout is to be fit and healthy.


lack of strong motive
lack of strong motive


Millions and billions of people make new year resolutions every year. Many of them do so because some friends of them or colleagues of them are making the same.

For that sake only we make the resolutions without any motive behind and literally we follow some for a few days and then we lost the touch and our resolutions come to an end.

Be motivated, be focused, and make the kind of resolutions that has a motive behind them. Steadily go further and at the end of the year, you will notice the drastic change in you.

5. Too Eager To Get Results

When we try to do something new, we expect the results quickly.

Nobody wants to be patient at least the results have to come.

Many new year resolutions came to an end because we haven’t taken them to the tide. In the middle of the ocean, we drown them.

too eager to get results
too eager to get results


Expecting the results early is not a bad thing but before expecting them, we have to put some genuine effort into it.

So after making new year resolutions we should not expect the results at the end of January or February. We have to give it a try for at least a few more months and wait for the result to form.

At last, all I want to tell is don’t fail to make new resolutions. Whether it is the new year or anything good occasion. Make the resolutions you genuinely feel to make. Give it a try, Put some effort into it. You will get the results.

In the comment box feel free to share your new year’s resolutions and how you gonna make them.

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